Control of the milk pasteurizer for small dairy operation

staedler automation AG designed, developed and commissioned the control for a small dairy operation.

This plant pasteurizes and homogenizes raw milk. The processed milk is processed further into yogurt or bottled directly as whole milk.

A fully automatic CIP station is controlled in addition to the pasteurization system. The process refrigeration plant and hot water preparation are also controlled by a central control unit.

The Siemens control unit controls all processes relevant for production. The operator has a single operating panel that controls all processes in a well-structured setup.

Technical features

  • Control: Siemens S7 1510
  • Operation: Siemens Comfort Panel TP1200
  • Frequency inverter: Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4M
  • IO modules Siemens ET200sp
  • Pneumatics: Festo VTUG Profinet

Work performed by staedler automation AG

  • Design of the control system
  • Creation of the circuit diagram and bill of materials
  • Software engineering for PLC and HMI (automatic generation of the software code with the staedler automation tool)
  • Commissioning and process optimization