Control system for dosing plant with a tank storage and energy management

For a beverage manufacturer Staedler Automation AG has designed, developed and commissioned the control system for a dosing plant with tank storage.

In this plant, the concentrate is dosed from various solid and liquid additives and mixed together. In the mixing tanks, which can hold up to 26,500 liters, this concentrate can be diluted with water until it is subsequently pumped on to the filling plant. The storage tanks can also be filled directly from a tanker truck.

The control system also coordinates the energy requirements of the filling plant. It controls the generation and distribution of heat and cold, thus ensuring the targeted use of energy resources.

The control is handled by a Siemens PLC. This is connected to the inverters and IO modules via Profinet and thus controls the various pumps and valves.

A new visualization system was used for the first time in this plant. This visualization, which is based on web technology, communicates with the controller via OPC-UA. With the support of a designer, the entire visualization concept was rebuilt. This means that staedler automation AG is also at the cutting edge of technology in terms of visualization.


  • Control: Siemens S7-1512
  • Operation: Siemens Simatic 22” Panel with Nanobox PC and Atvise Visualization
  • Drive system: Rockwell Powerflex 4M

Work performed

  • Design of control system and drives
  • Creation of schematic and parts list
  • Software engineering PLC, HMI and frequency converter
  • Commissioning and start-up