Cooker line for potato products

Marinox developed, produced and commissioned a cooking line for potato products for a customer.

The cooking line is made up of a blancher, a transfer belt, and a vibration chute. The product to be blanched is continually added to the cooking water in the loading section. The products then sink to the lower belt and are moved forward. Once they float back up to the surface, the metal paddles of the removal device push them to the end of the system at an adjustable speed (cooking time). The products can then cool off on a transfer belt. Any remaining cooling water can drip off on a vibration chute.

Technical data

  • Power: 1,600 kg/h dumplings, 2,500 kg/h Schupfnudeln
  • Heating medium: Steam
  • Steam hood: Can be lifted off, powered
  • Cleaning: Automatic CIP program for cleaning of the pipes, pumps, and heat exchangers