Cooling belt

Staedler Automation AG has developed, produced and commissioned a cooling conveyor for bagged spaetzle products for a customer.

The system enables our customer to partially automate the cooling process, which used to be carried out manually, of food products filled in a warm state and to carry it out under reproducible conditions. By means of a specially developed lever and linear device, the conveyor belt can be released in a very short time and without tools. This allows optimum maintenance and cleaning accessibility to all moving parts and the cooling trough.


  • Operation: Via an easy-to-operate pushbutton panel with variable placement
  • Safety: Monitored intervention protection during product entry
  • Control: CPU 1212C
  • Drive: Stainless steel gear motor

Work performed

  • Conceptual design, development and construction of the complete system
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Production, assembly and commissioning of all plant components