Double bowl tipper

Marinox developed, produced, and commissioned a double bowl tipper for its customer.

The bowl tipper was designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements: The narrow spatial situation on site and connection to a production line demanded a compact build. Several access protection elements prevent accidental access to hazardous areas while a platform allows access to the tipping point on the opposite side. The system comes with recipe management for product-specific adjustment of the rotation and tipping speeds. All product independent parameters can also be set easily via the operating panel.

Technical data

  • Lifting weight: 800 kg each
  • Tipping height: 2,680 mm
  • Operation: Via buttons and panels on the control cabinet and operating panels on the bowl hoist and platform
  • Drives: Electrical with frequency inverter
  • Control: Siemens S7-1500
  • Operation: Siemens Comfort Panel, several external operating panels