Efficient software development

What is the most efficient way to programme controls? And how do you achieve a high reliability? And how can software errors be avoided?

An efficient approach to software development is very important to us. We have developed standard functions which also guarantee reliability.
With these standard functions, certain components such as e.g. motors and valves can be implemented into the controls quickly and easily. Standardised visualisation elements are also used so that the operating panel can be set efficiently.

The software code is automatically generated with a tool which we developed ourselves. The PLC code and HMI error texts are generated automatically. For this, only the definition of the desired element, including its name assignment, is necessary.


Example: Motor control

In the following example, the standard function of a motor control is explained.
The standard function of a motor control has the following functions, among others:
– Switch between manual/automatic operation
– manual functions: off, forwards, backwards
– Status display on HMI
– Monitoring of the service switch, motor protection
– Start delay, off delay
– Restart lock
– Counter for operating hours and number of starts



Using these standard functions makes it possible to implement many control tasks efficiently and reliably. We are constantly working on expanding these functions and adjusting them to the newest control generations.


Thomas Fäh, Project Manager