staedler Mobile Robot

Fully autonomous transport system

Staedler Automation AG designed, built and commissioned a fully autonomous transport system for a customer.

The customer has production parts distributed from the warehouse to the production stations. The plastic containers used for this were previously transported manually.

A flexible solution with location independent handover stations
The Omron LD is the ideal platform for automation. It has a payload of 60 kg and a smart navigation system. A setup developed by Staedler with a lifting table makes it possible to pick up and transfer the containers from racks and roller conveyors. This solution with a lift table has the advantage that the handover stations are strictly mechanical and do not need any power supply for local control, facilitating subsequent relocation of the handover stations.

Modern operation
The travel commands can either be triggered via any browser capable device (notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.), or can be generated automatically in an ERP system.

Work performed by Staedler Automation AG

  • Development of the overall concept
  • Design engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Service and support