Innovation thrust in plant engineering

The integration of Marinox AG in staedler automation AG from Henau commenced on March 1st, 2020 in a move that permits important investments in new technologies.

This step followed more than five years of close cooperation between Marinox and staedler automation, in which staedler automation has supplied Marinox, a provider in plant engineering for the food industry, with control and automation solutions. staedler-CEO Lukas Staedler is overjoyed to report that “The merger of both companies permits the production of seamless trendsetting solutions for our customers.”

Technical know how and great passion
staedler automation builds individual controls for industrial automation, process optimized special machines, and comprehensive solutions including robotics. The company from Henau not only develops cutting-edge control technology and the software to match, but also takes machines and plants into operation around the world. With its full acquisition of Marinox, staedler automation now combines engineering, design, and automation know-how.

Great investment in technical further development
As a long term supplier, staedler automation is closely familiar with the systems and processes of Marinox. staedler automation will invest greatly into technical further development of the Marinox plants. The systems are about to move into the digital era in particular in the area of industrial automation: “With the latest technologies, we optimize energy consumption and increase food safety,” Lukas Staedler explains their plans for the next few years.

Added value without any change of contacts for the customers of Marinox
The merger of these two companies brings development and design even more closely together. staedler automation takes over part of Marinox’ employee base to avoid any changes to customer contacts at Marinox. The customer additionally profits from the expanded know how and comprehensive service from a single source.

Contact: Lukas Staedler, staedler automation AG, Looäcker 4, 9247 Henau
+41 71 945 99 10,