Agilox IGV

Integration of an IGV

Staedler Automation AG put a fully automatic and driverless transport vehicle into operation for a customer.

In this application, an IGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicle) transports a variety of goods weighing between 250 kg and 650 kg back and forth between individual stations within a production line.
The AGILOX vehicle communicates with the respective stations, ensuring that the safety doors are only opened briefly to collect the goods. Conveyor technology is automatically turned aside when the vehicle needs to pass.

Power management
If the battery status is below 80% while the vehicle is idle, it will automatically move to the charging station to optimize all power reserves.

Orientation in space takes place using an integrated system of laser scanners that creates a map of the surroundings upon commissioning. In an environment with several AGILOX vehicles, all other vehicles access this map as well.

Work performed by Staedler Automation AG

  • Creation of the overall concept
  • Integration of the vehicle
  • Training