staedler automation AG has designed, developed and commissioned a palletizing system for a customer. The palletizing system sorts the products according to content and then palletizes them according to order.

Sorting of cardboard boxes
A Fanuc R-2000iC/165F 6-axis industrial robot mounted on a linear axis picks up the cardboard boxes and sorts them into a total of 12 positions. The products are identified by a barcode scanner at the infeed and checked against a database.

Feeding of empty pallets
Using a specially developed gripper, individual pallets can be removed from a stack, turned and aligned. The one-way pallets are fed in stacks by a light barrier without having to interrupt the process.

Palletizing of cardboard boxes
As soon as an order has been completely picked, the cardboard boxes are transferred layer by layer onto the pallet by the robot. The gripper can grip four cardboard boxes together, each weighing 20 kg.

The finished pallets are then wrapped, whereby different wrapping programs can be preselected depending on the order. The wrapper is equipped with a cover film application and an automatic film sealing system.

After wrapping, the pallet is automatically labeled. The labeler is controlled by the system control and the data to be printed is read directly from a database.

Work carried out by staedler automation AG

  • Conceptual design of the complete system
  • construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • software engineering
  • assembly
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Service and support