Remote access to your systems

Are you interested in making everyday operation of your system easier? Remote access makes this possible – and also provides simpler operation and initial operation, as well as service and support.

For this, staedler automation AG counts on the “eWon” system with the “Talk2M” environment. Here, we are installing a remote maintenance router. This builds a VPN tunnel through the company network on the eWon company server and in this way, allows for safe access onto the local automation network. Automation and company network are separated through this router.

Remote maintenance is also possible for smaller systems without a large network structure – standard internet access is enough. The corresponding device also allows you to create access over the mobile network.

Thanks to the “Talk2M” environment, you can access the operation of your system at any time with a PC, tablet or smartphone via a traditional web browser without having to install any additional connection software. This means you can also change the system settings, monitor the system operating status or make an initial assessment of failures from home.

What advantages does remote access offer you in case of failure? The system provider can offer assistance much faster, observe the operation of your system and implement optimisation. As controls provider, remote access gives us the possibility to make changes to the controls and visualisation quickly and without travel costs or, in case of failure, to offer support from a control level.

Acquiring this remote maintenance is a one-off investment; there are no further annual costs (exception: subscription costs for access over the mobile network).

Would you like to know more? We would be happy to present the system to you in more detail.



Niklaus Burtscher, Project Manager