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Staedler Automation AG – automation, robotics, and plant engineering

What characterises us, apart from our technical know-how?

Our passion! We find it exciting to learn what helps our customers progress every single time. We love seeing our technology provide safe processes to customers. It also helps reduce their costs by increasing the degree of automation.

Why are we the right partner for you?

We listen well. This allows us to understand what you really need. Our extensive experience enables us to implement that easily.


Integrated project

All sizes
of operations

Highly qualified

and robotics

Our solutions

We represent

Quality & precision

Staedler has been developing processes and plants tailored to the customer’s needs since it was founded back in 2009. Our specialists in the fields of software, mechanical engineering, automation, and project planning let us guarantee Swiss quality in every detail.

Innovation & flexibility

We implement projects with cutting-edge technology and solutions tailored to the customer. Our innovative spirit, coupled with many years of experience in automation, enables us to develop solutions that precisely match customer requirements.

Customer focus

We work with our customers to design and implement the best possible solutions. This leads to unique and highly efficient plants and processes.

Automation solutions

  • Safe processes
  • Higher degree of automation
  • Lower costs
  • Easy maintenance and faster troubleshooting

Process automation from a single source

We build the matching control unit for your application in industrial automation: individually, quickly, competently, and with cutting-edge control technology, from project planning to developing the appropriate software and commissioning the machines and plants around the world.

Robotics and customized machines

  • Palletising
  • Pick and place
  • Machine feed
  • Packaging
  • Handling

Process-optimised customized machines

We rely on tried-and-tested, widely used components for our customized machines to offer high-quality solutions for ensuring safe processes in the long run.


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We love smart automation, robotics, and food technology solutions. This has not changed since our founding in 2009.

Work in the highest quality and continuous further development have allowed Staedler to keep on growing in the last few years. Our state-of-the-art works building permits highly efficient work: The large factory hall with crane and warehouse enables us to assemble cutting-edge plants.

Staedler has been operated with a clear vision of speed and flexibility from the very first. Uncomplicated work is important to us. It continues to be a characterising feature for us today.

Staedler Automation AG currently employs a workforce of 40.

Staedler Automation AG, together with Kalt Maschinenbau AG, became part of ADVATON FoodTec Group in November 2021.


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Staedler represents Swiss quality, innovation, and precision.


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Staedler machines maximise yield with unique quality.