Robotics and customized machines

Are you looking for an overall solution from a single source?

As experts in industrial automation, we develop and build plants that fit your process precisely. We focus unconventionally on the process – before building just the right machine for it. This will give you a solution that actually makes a difference for you.

Your partner for process-optimised customized machines

  • Concept and design
  • Construction
  • Programming
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • CE approvals of own and third-party systems

Industrial robots

We integrate industrial robots

  • Palletising
  • Pick and place
  • Machine feeding
  • Handling
  • Cobots

Mobile robotics

Omron LD

Our solutions for transporting loads of up to 250 kg are based on the Omron LD robot. The intelligent navigation system means that no adjustments to the building are necessary. A connection to your ERP system or to third-party control units is made using our SMR Manager tool. Movement commands can be entered quite easily via any browser-capable device such as a Smartphone.


The mobile and highly flexible AGILOX logistics robot is the perfect solution for in-house transport of goods up to 1000 kg. The vehicle can take on a great many tasks, from simple pallet transport from the warehouse to production, to full integration into a production line for the return transport of goods carriers.

Customized machines

We develop solutions precisely tailored to your needs.

  • Assembly machines
  • Packaging and labelling machines
  • Linear applications
  • Process optimisations

Implemented projects: robotics and customized machines

Automatic guided vehicle

The automatic guided vehicle carries many different goods from an infeed point to a discharge point with computer-controlled vehicles. Staedler selects the matching system for…

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Assembly line drawer module

Staedler designed and implemented an assembly line for drawer assembly. The base units are handled via a 2-axis portal system. A vacuum gripper can be…

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Washing centre automation

For one customer, Staedler was allowed to implement loading and unloading of a continuous washing system with one robot each. Three packages are taken to…

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