Automatic guided vehicle

The automatic guided vehicle carries many different goods from an infeed point to a discharge point with computer-controlled vehicles. Staedler selects the matching system for…

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Assembly line drawer module

Staedler designed and implemented an assembly line for drawer assembly. The base units are handled via a 2-axis portal system. A vacuum gripper can be…

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Washing centre automation

For one customer, Staedler was allowed to implement loading and unloading of a continuous washing system with one robot each. Three packages are taken to…

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Supply of a milling centre

Staedler Automation AG was allowed to implement a robotics solution for supplying a milling centre. Aluminium profiles are fed in in four positions in frames…

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Butter removal robot cell

Staedler Automation AG designed and developed a special machine with robot to insert the butter portions into standard packages for Züger Frischkäse AG and put…

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Order picking system for beverage bottles

Staedler Automation AG has designed, developed and commissioned a picking system for beverage bottles for a customer. Beverage bottles are fed in by type via…

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