CNC placement machine

staedler automation AG has designed, developed and commissioned a CNC placement system for a customer.

The 6-axis industrial robot Fanuc M710iC/20L has a vacuum area gripper, with which two CNC milling machines can be equipped. The long arm robot has a reach of 3110mm and a payload of 20kg. This allows the parts to be machined to be loaded and unloaded onto four pallets.

Easy and fast setup of new parts
New parts can be set up easily and quickly. The input of the part dimension and the deposit position on the pallet is done via a mobile operating panel. No robot knowledge is required for operation, as the robot’s travel curves are automatically calculated by the higher-level controller.

Great flexibility
With the large-area vacuum gripper, cuboid parts between 50x25x5mm (LxWxH) and 1200x200x20mm with a maximum weight of 10kg can be gripped.

Replica CNC milling machines
Automatic door openings and automatic clamping devices were installed on the existing CNC milling machines for operation with the robot. The CNC milling machines can still be operated manually, it is only necessary to switch off the robot.


  • Robot: Fanuc M710iC/20L
  • Control: Siemens S7-1512F
  • Operation: Siemens KTP900F Mobile