HMI Produktionslinie Schleifpapier

Control system for abrasive paper production line

For a machine in the abrasive paper industry staedler automation AG has designed, developed and commissioned the control system.

The machine consists of several sub-stations with the following functions:

  1. feeding station of the cut sandpaper pieces
  2. sandblasting of the two ends
  3. spraying glue on both ends
  4. application of a connecting foil
  5. joining of the two ends
  6. pressing of the joint
  7. longitudinal cutting of the joined belt
  8. unloading station

Central control for multiple stations:
Control is provided by a GuardLogix PLC from Allen-Bradley. The actuators and sensors are connected to the controller via seven IO modules with Ethernet/IP. Three of them are located on endless rotating stations, slip rings are used for the connection.

Complex servo applications centrally controlled:
The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 system is used for the 43 servo drives. Various positioning, synchronization and press applications are controlled directly by the GuardLogix PLC.

Safety functions via Ethernet:
The GuardLogix PLC also handles the monitoring and control of all safety components. Emergency stop buttons, safety switches, and safety mats are read in directly, and drives are shut down via Ethernet/IP using the CIP Safety protocol.

Modern operation with connection to Access database:
The complete machine is operated via two PanelView Plus 7 operator panels. The control system also has a connection to an Access database, which provides the recipe data.


  • Control: Allen-Bradley Guard Logix 1756-672S
  • Operation: Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 12″.
  • Drive system: Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700
  • IO Module: Allen-Bradley Point I/O 1734
  • Database connection: SQL4automation-Connector
  • Work carried out by staedler automation AG

Design of control and drives

  • Creating electrical diagram and parts list
  • Software engineering PLC, HMI and servo drives
  • commissioning