A Plant Control Unit for cheese dairy Leupolz

Staedler Automation AG was allowed to implement the plant control unit for cheese dairy Leupolz in Wangen, Germany, on the order of Sulbana AG. Among other things, Sulbana AG specialises in production of plants for cheese dairies and has been a customer of Staedler for many years.

The project comprised control of the entire process automation and machine control for filling and the cheese press. Handling and storage of the cheese moulds were also included.

Staedler supplied a total of 19 control cabinets and two operating stations to operate and control the entire process for implementation of this project. Apart from the control cabinets, Staedler’s project team was allowed to take over not only software engineering, but also electrical planning.

The project took more than one year. We mastered a number of obstacles in the course of it, made possible by the close cooperation between Sulbana, Staedler, and the end customer. The exciting task in a comprehensive international team has kept on motivating and challenging us.

Employees continued to be in a good mood during commissioning as well as they worked hand in hand with the customer. Communication was friendly and helpful at all times, another aspect that enabled development of a future-oriented cheese dairy for the customer.